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Early Life

Born in Singapore and moved to Sydney Australia at just 12 months old, JC has always been a ‘traveller’. She had a major setback as a child that would later become a driving force to help others both in personal life and in business. Being an adaptable and creative quick thinker, made her fast on her feet. She was always looking after people and animals and became very resourceful and resilient. 

Age 16, JC’s first job was in a bookstore in QLD. She loved to find out what people liked so she could recommend books to them. At the same time, she was studying hospitality so she could travel worldwide and always have a ‘job’. She moved to the UK at age 22 after a breakup with her, let’s affectionately call him a d*head boyfriend. Getting through this would later turn into part of her business, Breakup Brilliant -Breakaways. 

She landed a position as Events & Marketing Director for a brewing company in Covent Garden London, Dublin and Bray – Ireland. At the same time, she worked as a Massage Therapist and Fitness Trainer, also continuing to study human behaviour. She knew she really wanted to support people to be fit and healthy in both body and mind.

JC was working as Front House Manager at a Michelin star restaurant in London when Jamie Oliver’s recruiter ‘headhunted’ her. The opportunity was almost too good to be true but in her heart, she wanted to move out of hospitality and into health and fitness. Quitting her job and taking a leap of faith she met with the Manager of Holmes Place Notting Hill Health Club. She gave her a chance, and within a few weeks JC was right at home.
When she met her future husband, while living in London,  they decided to move to Melbourne Australia. She went straight into a job in a fitness centre that hadn’t been built yet and was selling memberships from a demount able ‘office’ next to the ‘gym’ (a concrete slab) and off a plan. A few months later, JC was promoted to Sales Manager. She had told the manager at her interview that when they open a centre in her home suburb, she would start her massage business in it. As opportunity would have it, a sick staff member meant she was on reception the day the owner of the new gym came in. She promptly gave him a tour and told him of her plan to run a massage business at his new club. Hands to Heal Wellness Centre was born. Working smarter, she hired two other therapists to make sure the business was open 7 days a week.
The opportunity came up to take over a small business: Melbourne Natural Wellness in the city. Still in her early 20’s, this was a huge deal. She merged the clients from Hands, took out a loan and grew MNW from debt to seven figures, and added a second lease for a yoga, Pilates and workshop studio space next door. A team of over 25 grew, won clinic of the year award and JC was awarded Lord Mayor’s commendation for business.
 After 17 years and 4 nominations for the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award, it was time for more variety. Two offshoots MNW were Ultimate Corporate Wellness, to service businesses in their workplaces and online, and a business coaching business Wellbusi – for wellness practitioners, which soon spread to many small business categories. 
Breakup Brilliant and the book, ‘We Need To Talk’ came soon after as well as Mountain Wellness Co.

JC is never ‘idol’; she lives wherever the wind takes her as she loves to travel and has some amazing stories. Her top values are connection, awareness, open-ness, thoughtfulness, challenges, travel and fun. 

A hockey and touch rugby player, lover of yoga, Pilates, boxing, cycling and has done  the odd triathlon, fun runs and rides her ‘pushie’ for transport and for charity. 

“I had it all. Great life, friends, husband, money, business of my dreams but somewhere along the way, and somehow, I f*d it all up! It’s supposed to be the dream, right? Being in a beautiful marriage, being your own boss, having freedom, flexibility, making a positive impact on the world and other people’s lives and no ceiling on your finances? But no one said it would be so tough and for the most part, so lonely. No one told me about the warning signs, to ‘future proof’, or to find a coach that really understood me – all of me, my habits, my health, fitness, what made me tick, my sabotages, my relationships. My heart and my mind. Someone who supported me to strengthen my strengths and delegate my weaknesses. Plus, someone who also understood my business. Not only how to run a successful one (and someone who had also actually done that) AND who had failed as well! 
I needed a unicorn. So, I became one 🙂 I wanted to implement the ‘to do’s’ and understand and stop doing the ‘not to do’s’. Many coaches are one sided, they have never actually been through it all. A ‘fair weather’ coach as I call them. I had built a very successful 7 figure business in the Wellness industry but at what cost? Something major happened…
 I got f*d. Frustrated. Fatigued. Fed up. I didn’t want that to happen, but it did. I lost everything. My health, my friends, my husband, then years later, my partner, my career, my home. I was hanging onto one thing though, with everything life threw at me, I welcomed it. I knew I had to gather everything I had learned, and worked on my mind before I lost that too. I knew I had to go right through the middle- the hard stuff. I am glad I did, as I came out the other side even better than before and it made me into the person I am today. Able to help others on a deeper level. How to run a successful life, including a successful business. 
I share my journey and teach others in three areas: Relationships, Business and Legacy – becoming the person you want to be in any/all of these areas.
1. Overcome obstacles. Cut through all the confusion in the chaos.
2. Simplify and reclaim your life. Especially in, or after a crisis or set back.
3. Create and live your life on your terms.
Your no b.s fast track to maximise your Impact, Inspiration & Income and most importantly your “I”.
“You are not alone. I started off with a vision, a dream and inspiration coming out of everywhere! But…then what? Shit! How do I do all this on my own? I have a saying… sometimes you win, every time you learn. Your business, your relationships, your life, your living, can give you the freedom to do more of what you love, make a difference to people’s lives and enable you to live a life YOU LOVE. If you are willing to do what it takes to get there, I am willing to do what it takes to help you get there. 
You are only one conversation away”.
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The Book:

The relationship secrets you’re not supposed to know, & The breakup secrets no one will tell you, until now. 

We Need To Talk


I booked in to see JC with physical injuries that had been bothering me for quite some time. We spoke briefly of them & I felt open to JC treating me holistically. Guided by her intuition & experience she was able to bring me muscular comfort, and - more importantly - helped me address my metaphysical//psychogenic pain.

Throughout the session, I felt supported & relaxed. From the first moment I was invited to select my massage scent to a final conversation shared on mental well-being I cannot fault JC's service. She truly gives of herself and nurtures all your ailments.
Ruth M
I had an amazing experience with JC! She is truly gifted in connection and sees intuitively what is going on at a spiritual and physical level. A wonderful experience, that was unique and special.

I feel very lucky having stumbled across JC and will be back! What a highlight!
Emma S
I am blessed to experience the ultimate sessions with JC ongoing!
From life coaching, massage to spiritual guidance. I would recommend JC in a heart beat, an experience I won't forget
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Keran K

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