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Here are some resources I found valuable – I hope you find them valuable too.


30 Day Challenge. I Love You, But I Don’t Want You Back.

30 day challenge. 30 days of gratitude, for your ex.

 Breakups can be brilliant and you don’t have to have your heart broken. 

When you feel like you have lost not just the love of your life, but your love of life.



How Well Are You Really?
Your 360 Degree Wellness Assessment.

Here is where s*t gets real! Use this template as a guide to ‘assess yo’self’ regularly in all 9 areas:

 Physical, Occupational, Social, Spiritual, Intellectual, Mindset, Financial, Environmental and Emotional Wellness how you 


Click the link below for more mediations, the ‘Mind Matters’ book, How to Breakup Brilliant Book, 100 list, The 5M’s and more 🙂 

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