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as a successful
business. Only
successful people in
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Come with the business you have
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We are affectionately called ‘The Ninjas at Sorting S*t Out!’ 
We help business owners to: 
a) Stop doing things that aren’t working.
b) Only do things that do.
We help you, and your business maximise impact and profit without sacrificing your personal life.  
( A results based business renovation) So, no matter what area of your business (or the state that it is in) we’ve got you covered! We make sure all the parts are moving together -well. 
We may be small, but we don’t play small. Question is, are you ready to play a bigger game? If so, click the button above, for a no obligation free strategy for success call and we can find out if we are the right fit for you.

Have You Ever Felt Like I did?

Frustrated, Fatigued, Fed up!
I thought I was running my business, but it was running me.  
At times I felt like I had no control and I was being run over! 
How to go from stuck to successful in no time.

How We Help

Where Do I Start?

There is a unique way of doing things that will work best for you. Once you understand it, you can see what you need to do be at your best in everything you do, as finding your strengths and weaknesses allows you to find your personal formula for success as well as who and what resources you need to support you to success. 

Shape Your Mindset

Your most dominant inner thought becomes your most dominant actual reality. Take control of your mindset and overcome fear and self doubt in order to be your best in every area. We’ll help you map out and create healthy mind habits to promote productivity and success and stop sabotages in their tracks.

Hyper-active growth

Build your sales strategy, funnels and processes, affiliate partnerships, and market yourself successfully on and offline to reach your intended audience. With over 20 years of actual business experience, we share with you the strategies and real-life ways you can use to exponentially improve your growth and see actual results. It's not enough to know, it's about knowing how. 

Goal Setting

We not only help you find clarity on your goals and vision, we also assist you to create an effective plan to see your success become a reality. Once your goals are set and your plans in place you’ll learn the best ways to implement that plan in order to achieve your vision. We go one step further here by testing, measuring and learning from our efforts. 

Finding Your Voice

We have all had major set backs and maybe you are having one right now! Business idea, or a business that's not where you want it to be. Your career, relationships, health, wealth- you name it! You are not alone. We will help you to delve deeper to identify and refine exactly who you are and marry that with what you do to be able to help and inspire others too. Impact and legacy. You’ll find the best ways to get back on track or create a whole new path to reclaim your life by understanding your story and how to share it.

Finding Your G Zone (Your Genius Zone)

Discover what your genius is! It’s been hiding there all along you know! We help you find your genius and turn it into a gold mine and your perfect clients who need you. We teach you how to understand what their problems are and how you can solve them. We show you how to develop products and services that solve their problems and how to craft a message that has them banging down your door for help. 

Building Simple Systems

We help you set up procedures and systems that work by mapping out your entire process. Find where your time and effort is needed most and cut down wasted hours on inefficient and ineffective practices.

Expressing Your Value

Learn how to express your value to your clients and overcome their barriers or objections. We share the techniques of shaping a live marketing piece including headings, body, call to action, testimonials and proof of expertise to attract your target market. We help you stop trading time for money.

Expressing Your Value

We can help you achieve measurable success on your goals and visions. You’ll learn to refine your numbers by keeping it simple! We’ll help you to test and measure your results to see the growth of your success. Sometimes you win, every time you learn. There are no failures here.

The people who have trusted us so far


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“An obvious choice to have JC as our MC for our event. She really listened to what we wanted and worked with us to create a really special occasion. We had so much great feedback from our guests throughout the night on what an amazing job she did. I have no hesitation in recommending her as your MC, speaker or leader of your next event or workshop.”

Michelle Laity

Area Manager Metagenics / Healthworld / Perfectionist

“I came to JC for help with my business because I know she has been where I have been before, so she gets it. Since seeing her, I have a clearer idea of where I can take my business, what my options are and where the opportunities lie. She gives encouragement to take the step and helps to make me realize my potential, without blowing smoke.

Ebony Hamilton

Myotherapist & Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner
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“JC was an MC for our annual MCC Hockey section awards event held at the MCG. She was excellent at time keeping and commanded a presence on stage. She was authentic, funny and inclusive of everyone in the room at the function and I highly recommend her.”

Craig Gration

MCC hockey section chairman

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