There Are Only 3 Reasons Why We Are Here:

1. Should I stay or should I go?

2. I want my ex back

3. I want to move on from my ex

Will we find a way? We WILL find a way!

I stand behind that statement. Over the past 20 odd years, I have studied human behaviour, (and lack of). I’ve left, and been left. I have broken hearts and had my heart broken. I have let people down and I have been let down. I have no doubt this will continue as it is called life. There is one significant difference. I can say with 100% conviction that I know this:
Leaving is hard, but also the BEST thing we can do for ourselves. We can ‘go back’ in our minds, but we can never really ‘go back’. Besides, those statements: ‘I just want us back’, or ‘I just want myself back’, or ‘how it used to be’ is shit. Why? Because the mess we are in now, is because of the past. No one wants to go back there! And the mind that got us here, is not the mind we need to get us out of here. In effect, we really need to ‘change our minds’ – literally. Be certain, clear and calm in all the chaos. And that, my friend, is why we are here.                               

You Are Only One Conversation Away...

We help you to Breakup Brilliant. It’s pretty simple but when emotions are involved, it can be anything but. 

Are we there yet? We support you with all the tools you need to get there. ( even if you don’t know where ‘there’ is yet.

Knowing when it’s time to go – Tough decisions . Although only you can choose, we help you choose whats right for you. No regrets.

Giving you somewhere to run to, not run from – A safe place to say what you want and need to say and feel how you feel. No judgement here! Taking a break, pressing pause is great, as it allows us to turn down the volume and get perspective to ‘figure things out’ and understand WTF just happened.

Moving away from pain and towards pleasure – You guessed it, to ‘get over it’. Stop getting what you don’t want and start getting what you do. This is about changing the beliefs that don’t serve you, patterns of behaviour and habits. For good!

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If you could do it on your own, don't you think you would be there by now?

The perfect relationship for me. Get the support you need now.

“To have the relationship you want, you must breakup with the relationship you have . Breakup brilliant is about growing, apart. Not necessarily ‘growing apart’. If you are leaving, we help you leave with no regrets. If you are staying, we help you create the relationship you want. If you have been left, we help you ‘get over it’ (to be quite frank), or ‘get back together’ but in a new relationship, one that works. Let me be clear, we will not be getting the old relationship back.” JC 

It's time to get the relationship you deserve!

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