Need To Talk

The relationship secrets you’re not suppose to know, & The breakup secrets no one will tell you untill now. 

You're Only One Conversation Away

We need to talk, but do we have to? 

How to ‘Break Up Brilliant’ -Or some other sexy as f*&k title. 

Seems pretty straight forward, but in real life, it can be anything but. 

This book shows us how we can do this without the bullshit, the blame & the broken things. 

Hearts included, furniture? Not so much. It’s about time! (literally and figuratively) And it does take time. To get here, and to get there. And yes, we do need to talk.


There are only 3 reasons why you are here:

Do I stay or do I go
I want to get back together
I want to move on

The top 7 relationship and breakup questions and the answer to those are inside this book

In these pages, you will find real stories of love and loss as well, everything in between. Stories of breakups & breakdowns, breakthroughs and even makeups. How it went down and how they picked themselves back up. many of the stories are close to her hearth. Not just from her friends and clients, but her own. They are row, real and uncensored. J.C answers the tough questions. Her life is about research, study, learning from personal experience and from others. Practice, and of course, to share results. Over the past 20 years being in business in the Health. Fitness and wellness industries, there have been many clients who have been at cross roads. She has supported them through it and to know anyone can breakup brilliant. You are only one conversation away and now is the time not just to know, but to know how.


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